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I believe that Tarot is a powerful tool that can effect real change in our lives, answering 

empowered questions and helping guide us when we are feeling unsure.


Hi, my name is Jane and I am a Certified Tarot Advisor,  based in Sutton in Ashfield, Nottinghamshire in England.  

I first started using tarot cards many years ago, after visiting a psychic medium, she informed me I should be the one doing the reading and all I needed was a bit of training.  She handed me her tarot cards and told me to  deal, telling me to 

say what ever came into my mind. 

From that first rather strange and frightening experience, I was totally hooked.

I bought my first deck of cards

the wonderful Ryder Waite and started trying to learn all 78 cards, not an easy task!!! 

Then I practised doing readings for my family and friends,

Later I discovered Biddy Tarot.  I enrolled for some of her courses and became a fully certified Tarot Advisor with now many readings under my belt and loads of fantastic feedback to help spur me on.

So, moving forward, I have spaces for new clients and am eager to read for you.  I am open to online and zoom calls but if you live in my area,  I love face to face readings.

If you have a question if you need help, if you basically just want to find out if now is the time to make that decision you have been toying with.  Why not book a reading and we will work together to get you the best result we can.


I have many different packs of Tarot cards so I am sure to be able to find the perfect deck to suit your question.

Tarot Reading

I have some lovely oracle cards for people who want that extra card with their reading or maybe just fancy seeing what the oracle cards have to say.

I also love Crystals and will be willing to give you advise on which are best to compliment your reading

Colorful Crystal

Meditation is another passion of mine and I can't wait to share some lovely techniques and styles to help you improve your relaxation 

Elegant Title



Client Intake Form

To request a reading, please take the time to fill out the information below.
(Clients must be 18yrs or over)

What type of reading are you interested in
Please confirm you have read my code of ethics and client agreement forms (found under Forms for booking)

I will respond ASAP, if you do not received anything, please check your SPAM folder.




30 minutes (covers 3 card spreads - past/present/future, etc)......£35


60 minutes (covers larger spreads- celtic cross/10 card spreads etc.).......£65


Any further personal requests can be negotiated on bookings

Please ensure you have completed the Client Intake Form before trying to pay for a reading, on receipt of your form  I will be in touch regarding payment



Great Tarot

Great reading, lovely lady and I loved every minute of it she was very enlightening and done an excellent job.  Will definitely be going again.


Mandy J

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